Monday, April 28, 2014

Muqaddimah Khilaaf

Assalaamu'alaykum warah matullahi wabarakatuh(hu).



Soalan yg susah nk jawab ni berbunyi, apa sebabnya terjadi khilaaf?

Jawapan paling ringkas nak jawab ialah sebab Imaam Bukhariy, Imaam Muslim, Imaam Tirmidziy, Imaam Nasa'iy datang dulu selepas Imaam Hanafiy, Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shafi'ey, dan Imaam Hanbal.

Andaikata  Imaam Bukhaariy, Imaam Muslim dll datang sebelum, Imaam Hanafiy, Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shafi'iy dan Imaam Hanbal, maka pada hari ini tidak akan ada khilaaf. Tapi apa nak buat? Allaah yang dah taqdiyr-kan begini atas 'Hikmah DIA.

Ketahuilah sebelum Mazdahib yang empat, terdapat mazdhab Ibn 'Abbbas - dimana darah tidak membatalkan wudu', mazdhab Abuw Hurayra, Mazd-hab 'Aiysha dan seterusnya.

Jadi mengapa mazdhab ini semua 'berkubur'? Sebab qawm Muslimiyn sedar bahawa ahadiysth tersebar luas kerana SAHABAT SECARA AKTIF KELUAR JIHAAD selepas matinya Rasuwlullah S'AW (sahabat tidak lagi berda'wah secara aman bermula dengan Abu Bakr, mereka terus menerus berjihad melanggar kerajaan kuffar), ketahuilah apabila orang berkata "khiylafah Islaam menguasi 2/3 dunya', ini bermaksud HANYA Khiylfah ummayah yang menakluk bumi kepada Al-Islaam dari Andalusia hingga perbatasan China. Bukan Khiylafah 'Abbasiyah ataupun 'Usthmaaniyah

Maka atas sebab hadisth yang bertaburan itu, mazdaahib diatas berkubur apabila lebih banyak hadisth dikumpulkan dan timbullah mazdaahib Hanafiyah, Malikiyah, Sha'afiyah, Hanabilah serta Zahiriyah dan Awza'iy yang tidak begitu popular.

Masalah juga timbul dalam mazdaahib generasi kedua ini kerana ahadiysth hanya mula aktif dikumpul (ya'ni dibukukan) semasa Imaam Shaf'iey dan diteruskan oleh Imaam Hanbal dan sampai kepada kemuncaknya pada zaman Imaam Bukhaariy, Imaam Muslim dan Imaam Tirmizdiy. Seperti yang telah dijelaskan, jika Imaam Bukhaari dan Imaam Muslim dan para 'aimma hadisth datang dahulu sebelum 'Aimmatul huda, maka hari ini tidak akan ada khilaaf.

Daliylnya, Fiq'h mazdhaab Hanafiy diketahui sebagai Ahlu-Rayy (ahli fikir), kerana dizaman Imaam Hanafiy, hadisth masih bertaburan, jadi Imaam Hanafiy terpaksa mengunakan 'aql untuk mentakhrij fatwa.

Imaam Maalik pula, berpegang pada hadisth bahawa 'sebaik-baik tanah adalah Madiynah, tidak mahu keluar dari Madiynah dan hanya melimitkan 'ilmu hadisthnya kepada ahlu Madiynah, dan kerana sebab itu, dia menghalang kitaabnya Al-Muwattaa dari dijadikan 'official codex' oleh khiylafah 'Abbasiyah kerana dia tahu ada hadisth lagi di Iraaq, Yemen, Shaam dan Mi'sr yang tidak ada padanya.

Manakala Imaam shafi'iy pula, cukuplah dengan statementnya sendri kepada Ahmaad Ibn Hanbal, dimana dia sendiri berkata kepada Imaam Hanbal bahawa Imaam Hanbal mempunyai lebih banyak hadisth dari dia sendri sebagai bukti.

Inilah sebenarnya punca perbezaan sains fiq'h.


Salaamun 'ala(y) manittaba'al huda(y)

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Knight

Big city, bright lights. Cars flash in fast lanes. Young Muslims are getting ready to hit the “night scene”. Branded shoes and designer clothes in place, clutching the latest mobile gizmos and sporting the trendiest watches, their perfume smells --- more than anything else – of money. 
You can see them “hanging out” in groups, lolling in the bright lights of a megamall, lingering aimlessly in hypershops, buying a knick knack to drive away the boredom; even if it’s just for a second. 

You can see them sipping cappucino at a Starbucks cafĂ© …watching people go by, sharing a joke and laughing raucously; vacant eyes straying over to huge tv screens for the latest football score. 

You can see them racing cars dangerously late into the night, music blasting from the stereos, startling passersby while they laugh in their faces. A standard sight. 

Each time I see this all-too familiar scene, I find myself thinking of someone. Someone who lies buried in the blood-wet earth of ‘Uhud, feet covered by scented grass and his body covered only by a square woollen sheet that was not even sufficient to cover him completely. Someone who was his mother’s pampered son, he  wore the best clothes his rich mother’s money could buy, his perfume scented the streets he walked through. The talk of Makkan matrons and maidens in their plush salons, the toast of his peers in the city’s clubs, the most flamboyant young man of the Quraysh, who left a life of pleasuring the Self to gain the pleasure of Allaah: Mus’ab bin Umair bin Hashim bin Abd Munaf who was also known  as Mus’ab al Khair. 

Mus’ab was only a youth when he heard of the new Prophet who had arisen among the Quraysh and his Message of monotheism; Makkah talked of very little else in those days. His curiosity piqued by all the talk, Mus’ab decided to approach the Prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam on his own to determine the truth of his Message. 

One night, instead of joining his friends in their customary revelry, Mus’ab made his way to the house of Al-Arqaam Ibn Al-Arqaam which came to be known as Daar al Arqaam  among the Muslims. It was here that the Prophet met with the growing band of Muslims, away from the eyes of the Quraysh. It was here that the Companions talked over the future of their faith,  heard and recited newly revealed portions of the Qur’aan and prayed behind the Prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wassallam to Allaah.

That night, Mus'ab sat down among the gathering of the faithful and heard the Prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wassallam recite verses of the Qur’aan. From that moment on he forgot for ever his life of luxury and indolence, in the ecstasy of discovering the key to eternal life.

Mus’ab’s path to the faith was not easy – his mother, Khunnas bint Maalik, a strong willed woman infamous for her sharp temper and sharper tongue – was his chief opponent. In order to avoid an unpleasant confrontation with his mother, Mus’ab initially avoided telling her about his new faith. However, people found him frequenting Daar Al-Arqaam more than his usual haunts and saw him coming under the influence of the Prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wasallam. It wasn’t long before news of his conversion reached his mother.
Reacting with the imperiousness of her nature, her pride in her lineage and her age-old allegiance to the gods, she commanded Mus’ab to return and repent to the gods he had abandoned in his “foolishness”; and when he refused, she had him shackled and imprisoned in a corner of the house.

Somehow, news of the first emigration of some Muslims to Abyssinia reached Mus’ab in his incarceration and his heart longed to join his brothers in the faith. Using his ingenuity, he managed to delude his mother and his guards and escaped to Abyssinia with other emigrants. Later, he returned to Makkah with them for a short while and emigrated a second time, this  time as the Prophet [SAW]’s chosen envoy to the new centre of faith: Yathrib.

When Mus’ab returned from Abyssinia, his mother sought to imprison him yet again. But this time he vowed that if she attempted that, he would kill all those who came to her aid to lock him up. She knew the intensity of his determination better than anyone else and so she bade him a final farewell, crying bitterly: Go away, I am no longer your mother.
At this, Mus’ab went close to her and said: O Mother, I am advising you and my heart is with you, please bear witness that there is no God but Allaah and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.
Enraged, she swore: By the stars, I will never enter your religion, to degrade my
status and weaken my senses!

But Mus’ab entered Islaam in the spirit of the Qur’aan when it says: udkhuloo fi silme kaafah [enter into Islaam completely]. He forsook every semblance of satisfaction of the Self for the sake of Allaah – his dress was tattered, his food was simple, the bare earth was his bed.

One day he went out to meet some Muslims while they were sitting around the Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wassallam, and when they saw him they lowered their heads and shed silent tears at the sight of the pampered youth of their memory , moving about in wornout patches held together by thorns, which barely covered him. After Mus’ab moved away from the gathering, the Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wassallam recalled: I saw Mus’ab, and there was no youth in Makkah more petted by his parents than he. Then he
abandoned all that for the love of Allaah and His Prophet.

Recognizing Mus’ab’s noble manners and patience, the Prophet [SAW] commissioned him to instruct the people of Yathrib who had pledged their allegiance to the Prophet at ‘Aqabah, to call others to Islaam and to prepare the city for the eventual migration of the Prophet [SAW].

At that time, there were among the Companions men of sterling character and nerves of steel, men who were older and more experienced in the ways of the world; yet he [SAW] chose Mus’ab as his representative. And Mus’ab proved worthy of the Prophet’s choice many times over, dealing with detractors with patience and sagacity.

Mus’ab entered Yathrib as a guest of Sa’ad ibn Zurarah of the Khazraj tribe. Together they went approached the citizens of Yathrib, explaining the message of Monotheism and reciting the Qur’aan. Once Musa’ab and Sa’ad were sitting near a well in an orchard of Banee Zafar, when they were approached by Usayd ibn Khudayr brandishing a spear in obvious rage. Sa’ad whispered to Mus’ab: This is a chieftain of his people. May Allaah place the truth in his heart.
Mus’ab replied calmly: If he sits down, I will speak to him.

Usayd was angry at the success of Mus’ab’s  mission and shouted angrily: Why have you both come to us to corrupt the weak among us? Keep away from us if you want to stay alive. At this, Musa’ab smiled and said softly: Won't you sit down and listen? If you are pleased and satisfied with our mission, accept it; and if you dislike it we will stop telling you what you dislike and leave. Sticking his spear into the ground, Usayd sat down to hear them out. As Musa’ab began telling him about Islaam and
reciting portions of the Qur’aan to Usayd’s expression changed. The first words he uttered were : How beautiful are these words and how true! What does a person do if he wants to enter this religion?
Mus’ab explained:  Have a bath, purify yourself and your clothes. Then utter the testimony of Truth (shahadah), and perform prayers. Usayd testified that there is no god but Allaah and that Muhammad is His Messenger,  prayed two rakaats of salaah and was followed by another influential man: Sa’ad ibn Muaadh.

By the time the Prophet [SAW] emigrated, there was not a single household in Yathrib in which Mus’ab had not endeared himself and the Message of Islaam. In the subsequent pilgrimage, he led a company of 70 people went from Yathrib to pledge allegiance to the Prophet.
In a famous incident after the victory at Badr, the Muslims captured some Makkans and sought to ransom them. Mus’ab was passing by the ranks of  prisoners and stopped when saw his brother, Abu Azeez ibn Umayr  among them. However, instead of interceding on his behalf, he instructed his brother’s captor to bind him securely and to extract a large ransom for the prisoner, because “his mother is a very rich woman” When the brother sought to remind Mus’ab of his relationship, Mus’ab replied: I only recognize brotherhood of the faith, this man is my brother, not you!

At ‘Uhud, the Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wassallam chose Mus’ab to bear the battle standard. In the melee that followed the archers descent from the hill where they were stationed, in violation of the Prophet [SAW]’s orders, the Makkans fought back fiercely. Taken unawares by the cavalry of the Quraysh attacking from the rear, the Muslim ranks scattered. Intent on harming the Prophet [SAW], the Makkans  searched for him while he was being guarded only by a handful of companions. Suddenly, someone shouted that the Prophet [SAW] was no more.

It was at this juncture that Mus’ab’s glorious life reached a fitting culmination: Ibrahim ibn Muhammad related from his father, who said: Mus’ab ibn ‘Umair carried the standard on the Day of Uhud. When the Muslims were scattered, he stood fast until he met Ibn Qaami'ah who was a knight. He struck him on his right hand and cut it off, but Mus'ab said:And Muhammad is but a Messenger. Messengers have passed away before him . He carried the standard with his left hand and leaned on it, when
his left hand was cut off, he leaned on the standard and held it with his upper arms to his chest, all the while saying: And Muhammad is but a Messenger. Messengers have passed away before him. Then a third soldier
struck Mus’ab with his spear, and the spear went through him.

After the battle, the Prophet and his companions came to the plain of ‘Uhud to bury the martyrs, some of whose bodies had been mutilated by the marauding women of the Qur’aysh. Pausing when he saw Mus'ab, the Prophet [SAW] recited: Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah. Then he [SAW] looked at the remains of his companions in the battlefield and said: The Prophet of Allaah witnesses that you are martyrs to Allaah on the Day of Resurrection.

There wasn’t enough material to serve as a shroud for Mus’ab. Khabbaab ibn Al-Arat narrated: We emigrated with the Prophet for Allaah’s cause, so our reward became due with Allaah. Some of us passed away without enjoying anything in this life of his reward, and of them was Mus'ab ibn 'Umair, who was martyred on the Day of Uhud. He did not leave behind anything except a sheet of shredded woollen cloth. If we covered his feet with it, his head was uncovered, and if
we covered his feet with it, his head was uncovered. The Prophet [SAW] said to us: Cover his head with it and put lemon grass over his feet.

It was this memory of Mus’ab in his martyr’s grave, that caused companions like Abdur Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf to cry in fear of having no share in the Hereafter, because they had been granted a life of plenty and ease right here in this world. Once his servant brought him a meal to break his fast and ibn ‘Awf burst into tears, remembering Mus’ab who had passed away without tasting the good of this world, to the certainty of eternal pleasure in the Hereafter. 

As night falls, I think of the shadows lengthening across ‘Uhud where the martyrs lie buried, when visitors drive off leaving the plain quiet,  dark and peaceful. I think of the graves of the shuhadaa, resplendent with the dazzling light of the truly fortunate: those who are pleasing to Allaah and are pleased with Him.
In the neon dazzle of malls, where countless young Muslims strive daily in the trivial pursuit of pleasure, we would do well to bear the memory of Mus’ab radiyy Allaahu anhu in mind. It may keep us from getting lost in the light.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Europe. Roman's Group

The Romans Group (Europe)
Keep calling ya muslimuwn! Keep calling ya mu^minuwn! As I mentioned before, the khiylafa(t) system will come. But in the end of the Khiylafa(t) process, would have to invade Europe. E.U.R.O.P.E. Why?

This is because Europe will never allow Islaamic state to exist within the Europe. Not without a bloody fight at least.
This type of information basically I have encountered some refinement as I have data organizational problem. So many facts tents to be messy and everywhere. So sorry for this problem. Troubleshooting button will be pressing as quickly as possible hopefully yeah!
*Along this decade, we have informed that many sabotage direction from the nations, such as the muslimaat cant wear hijaab, the muslim are called terrorist by the west nation and so on*
~Then, muslimuwn in Europe must be better be ready for a purge. Sooner or later the European are going to kick them out, as an excuse to invade ‘Arabia~

Firstly, the Europe made up from many big veto powers, such as Russia (Siberia only),Britain-UK, France, Rome, Italy, and Germany.

Russia : The Spear of Europe (or is it a mace?)
The main problem that actually Europe has with Russia is Siberia, the land that located in the intrusion of the Ural Mountain and the Crimea of the Tartars. When all the Europe  (or the anti-Russia but still an European) to accept all these Turks into part of Europe. Simply speaking that if the Russ discard Siberia and Crimea of the Turks (which Russia will never do due to the rich minerals resources located in these region), you will see Europe accepting Russia in no time. This rejection of Russ, a white Germanic and European race, clearly shows Europe (white men’s) racism has not gone anywhere, just hidden.
p/s – it won’t take much to reawaken what is already there

Britain-UK : The Sword of Europe
Not much needed to be said about the master of brain in ‘tawaagiyt. Truly speaking I don’t think there will be a Britain as a state or landmass at the end times clash. This Britain will be wash away from the Europe but the Brittanic tribes could still exist within Europe though.
But today and verily historically you will find Britain at the fore-front, participating in every attack against Al-Islaam or any other races by Europe. They considered it their sacred duty.
That’s why who always do the responsibility by ‘fieldwork’ are more gain to be called- The Sword of Europe
Note : Olympic activity? Not interested, fully with illuminaty propaganda sorry.

France : The Shield of Europe
In map, France straddles the centre of europe from north to south. If the khiylafa(t) can’t break France, then we can’t control of europe. Thus it is very shield of Europe.

Rome : The Crown of europe
This is where the accursed shirk-kufr pagan Capitalone Citadel of Ruwm is located!
By history : the city of Rome was originally known as the Saturnia or City of Saturn.
Streactly speaking, this shirk temple has to go! Cleanse from the surface/subsurface,crust,mantle and so on from the Earth. Wallaahi.
So next method : the attack cannot come from muslimuwn from Europe because of Covenant of Security. So it’s up to the muslimuwn in ‘Arabia, Africa and Asia to do what is necessary.
We stay in our region. Don’t worry.
Italy : The Helm of Europe
Italy is Rome’s ‘praetorian guards’. So you can’t get to Rome unless you smash through Italy (hurm, looks like a little bit of football tiki taka analysis). The ‘Ummaya(t) had attempted a direct assault campaign resullted in the creation of the Emirate of SICILY. Yeap. We have not only have lost Al-Andalus, but Sicily as well.

Germany : The Armour of Europe
Let me put it in a nutshell. The moment anybody set up an Islaamic state within Europe, you will get Furor Teutonicus (Teutonic Fury) which barreling down your face in no time. Al-Islaam will never establish itself in Europe as long as you can’t break Germany. Why?
Linguistically speaking...

:: The question = Why are the Germany is the Armour of the Europe?

Point 1 : England = Engels/Angles = Germanic
              Sussex/Wessex/Essex/ Saxons = Germanic

Point 2 : The Royal Family of England, namely the House of Windsor, who are the descendants of  the
              German arm of the European royalty - the saxe coburg gotha family who changed their name to
              Windsor in 1914.

Point 3 : France ; Franks = Germanic

             Burgundy (Burgundians) = Germanic

             Normandy (Normans) = Germanic

             Italy (Lombards/Langobards/Ostrogoths) = Germanic

             Venice (Varingians) = Germanic

             Belgium (Belgae) = Germanic

             Holland (Friisi) = Germanic

             Denmark (Danes) = Germanic

             Russia (Russ/Varingians) = Germanic

             Sweden (Swedes) = Germanic

            Germany (Alamanni) = Germanic

            Austria (Prus/Ostro-Goths) = Germanic

            Spain (Vandals/Visigoths) = Germanic

            Portugal (Suevi) = Germanic


Do you get the picture? The whole European is Germanic! European culture is Germanic! That's why Geramny is the Armour of the Europe! If you can't puncture Germany, so you will not get Europe.

The thing about Germanic tribe  was that they are once barbarians like the Turks. The barbarians have this odd culture of a adopting culture of the civilization they conquered whom they considered more sophisticated. Then as the new ruling class and elite, assimilate and intertwinning their own culture and believe into the conquered civilization culture. As the Turkic Tartar attempted with Al-Islaam with the Yaasiq . Alhamduwlillah Sheiykh Ibn Taymiyya and his students blocked them.

 Note : Rohingya ethnic in danger. Ya Allah, please save them from the zaalimuwn and kaafiruwn! Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamiiyn.
by : Department of Monitoring

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sesar Normal


Department of Human Resource, Nuisza Press


Car-Wein, atau nama spesifiknya di kenali sebagai kahwin, adalah sinonim dengan tren orang muda sekarang. Kahwin itu tidak kira usia, tua muda, muda-tua, sederhana muda dan sebagainya.

Jodoh pula nama satu hal. Apa beza jodoh dengan kahwin? Beza ke? Atau sama je?

Biasa kita dengar orang bercakap, "Bila dah kahwin tu jodoh la namanya".

Ada juga yang berpendapat, "Dah jodoh dia, memang dia patut kahwin sama dengan sekian sekian."

Aku bukan nak kata besar ke, kecil ke, namun bila ada orang tanya pasal kahwin, fuhhh berombak-ombak saraf neuronku bergetar. Bukan apa, bila silap memberi penjelasan, memang nahas la jawabnya.

Apakah kahwin itu sekadar kahwin, kemudian beranak, mencari nafkah, membesar, menjaga sampai ke akhir tua? Apakah itu sama atau berbeza dengan kehidupan dengan orang lain?

Atau terdapat agenda yang mempunyai makna tersirat dan tersurat semasa proses ini di jalankan?

Nah, lu pkior le sendiri. Ikut kemahuan hati kata oh yeah, ikut keperluan hati kata err saya tak kisah!

-by Department of Human Resource (Nuisza Press)-

Monday, July 2, 2012

Department of...

Assalaamu'alaikum wbt.

Lama sendi tangan ini tidak bergerak lantaran dek kesibukan samada secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Akibatnya langsung hampir 2 tahun blog ini tidak berfungsi.

Jadi dengan ini, I want to declare that this blog will be available next week (Insha^Allah), but this topic will be more towards the history of Europe (if my Department of Monitoring send me updating data) and less politics. Why less in poltitics? Hurmm ermm errrr...ade la, later you'll know something that you well known.

I have hired some 'spy' under my department to give more and more data so that I'll give you more information, results from the interpretation and discussion. Perhaps.

The departments are:

Department of Geology or Academic (All geological background + applied more to huminity, for Allah' sake)

Department of Monitoring (All data from Europe and American activitist, BRIC and so on etc)

Department of Politics (Oh, this part is more covert actually, but perhaps, no attacking and defending overt phsychology)

Department of Futsal (Well you know me, are you happy if you win the championship? So just shut up and no update info will be given.

Department of Health (A little bit of medical rumours that can be used daily, but no need in explaination)

I may hire 1 or 2 more department to complete the possession. Remember the last time I imagine, slow and steady wins the race better than the fast and obsecure are the looser one.

Wallahu'alam. Salaamun'ala manit taba'il huda.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Alhamdulillah, sepanjang 3 minggu dalam bulan Mei ini, banyak pembelajaran dan pengajaran yang dapat juga aku kutip satu persatu walaupun tidak memuaskan hati langsung. Ialah sebagai mahasiswa yang bakal menjadi tonggak peneraju masa hadapan, banyak lagi cabaran dan dugaan yang perlu di tempuhi, tidak kira masa dan tempat, semuanya berlandaskan kehendak-Nya. Allah tidak menguji lebih daripada apa yang kita tidak mampu, sebaliknya Allah itu Maha Berkuasa atas setiap sesuatu, maka perlulah kita berdo'a semoga sepanjang kehidupan ini, adakah kita tergolong di kalangan hamba-hamba-Nya yang yang taat setia pada-Nya atau tidak? Sama-sama kita fikir-fikirkan.

Permulaan peperiksaan akhir yang menggerunkan, khususnya semester 4 di tahun dua ini memang amat mencabar. Tapi yang anehnya, aku tidak merasa langsung tekanan seperti biasa aku rasa pada setiap peperiksaan yang aku harungi? Mungkin semasa ulangkaji di buat, aku terasa tekanan sedikit, maklumlah peperiksaan sem 4 ini memerlukan kudrat yang amat tinggi, jika tidak, SOS jawabnya. Permulaan matapelajaran yang mencabar seperti Geofizik yang baru di ketengahkan kepada kami, banyak subtopik yang perlu di habiskan dan di fahami. Al-kisahnya, kerana hanya satu matapelajaran Geofizik ini boleh di jadikan terus program Geofizik khususnya program 3 tahun Geofizik di USM di kampus Pulau Pinang. Bayangkan kami yang baru 1 semester belajar subjek ini pun sudah tercungap-cungap, inikan pula program khusus selama 3 tahun. Mana tidak tertekannya kalau begitu?

Tetapi pasaran pelajar Geofizik ini banyak berpandukan pada Industri Petroleum, memang laku la sebab kebanyakan syarikat petroleum memang memerlukan ahli Geofizik, juga tidak ketinggalan ahli Sedimentologi dan Stratigrafi. Ketiga-tiga ini memang 'hot item' bagi pasaran industri minyak dan gas. Insha-Allah.

Semasa aku membaca blog Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil, aku tersentak seketika apabila terbaca satu pepatah arab yang membawa maksud 'Permulaan itu separuh daripada sesuatu'.

Ya, barangkali sesuatu pekerjaan itu memerlukan permulaan yang jitu kerana banyak di kalangan kita (termasuk aku) yang tewas dalam setiap peperangan yang belum melabuhkan tirai, malah permulaan yang tidak begitu bersemangat akan menerbitkan satu kemalasan yang sentiasa menggelapkan dan memusnahkan semangat kita. Ya, memang betul apa yang di katakan oleh ustaz. Terdapat 3 cara yang mudah dan perlu di amalkan, pertama ialah membuat pilihan dan kemudiannya bertindak. sebelum melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan, memang kita kena fikir habis-habisan agar tidak ada satu keputusan yang bodoh di buat, serta perlu di selidiki dengan cermat dan hemat, kebijaksanaan perlu ada demi mengelakkan diri di belenggu kejahilan yang boleh meratahkan saki baki landasan kita. Biasanya hasil fikiran yang betul akan membuahkan satu bentuk tindakan yang betul bila kita benar-benar serius dalam sesuatu perkara.

Kedua, bila kita sudah mengerjakan permulaan yang begitu mencabar kerana dek sikap kita yang suka memperlekehkan sesuatu, maka Allah akan permudahkan kerja kita. Apa yang penting, permulaan yang jitu perlu ada dalam setiap diri anda.

Ketiga, hati-hati kita yang sedang bertungkus-lumus memerangi kejahatan nafsu dan emosi yang tidak terkawal boleh di endapkan serta merta dengan hati yang telah di ikat serat-eratnya dengan nekad dengan harapan bahawa pengakhiran sesuatu pekerjaan akan di selesaikan dengan hasilan kualiti dan kuantiti yang tinggi. Tidak hairanlah jika kerja kita itu tidak selesai bila masalah permulaan yang lembap dan tidak bagus menjadikan jalan yang di lalui berliku-liku.

Sama bila peperiksaan menjelang. Kadang-kadang permulaan untuk mengulangkaji tidak kesampaian, syahid di awal perjuangan, sehingga membataskan keindahan pembelajaran yang hanya di kecapi seumur hidup ini. Namun alhamdulillah, setiap saat, minit, jam, hari yang di anugerahkan oleh-Nya kepada kita, banyak di lalui dengan sesi yang mulia ini.

Subjek seperti Geofizik, Hidrogeologi, Academic Reading and Writing, Statistik Asas, Geobencana, Kaedah Pemetaan dan Geologi Rantau dan Geologi Malaysia semuanya sudah habis di jawab. Namun persoalan yang bermain di fikiran selepas selesai menjalani peperiksaan ini, apakah kesudahannya itu 'indah' atau hadirnya kegelapan yang akan menyelubungi keputusan tersebut?

Tunggu dan lihat...........

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Boy's Sanah Helwah Part 2

SGA (Smart Great Advance) courses. Very formative performance having each of them. Scrimp when talking to audience. Love them!

SGA graduation day.

First semester in Matriculation college. Being hardest by perpetually learningand try every corner I have to have.