Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception 2010

Sudah lama diri ini tidak meng-update-kan blog ini. Macam-macam kemalasan dan ketandusan idea untuk meneruskan 'the mankind zone' ini. Kali ini, apabila masuk 10 Julai 2010,bermulalah perjalananku sebagai musafir at-talib. Sungguhpun kini bergelar mahasiswa tahun kedua,ini bermakna tinggal setahun lagi untuk menghabiskan kesemua 6 semester di bumi Sabah ini yang bagiku sangat terasing.

My first inception when I was called by HEP who told me about the winner for Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Sayembara Penulisan Puisi (SAJAK) 2010 on 22 July 2010. Alhamdulillah, I got 4th place or sagu hati. Based on criteria, all the poems are competeng obviously when I read them. Panjang dan berikatkan maksud yang tersirat. When I'm compared with mine, ouh! They are the senior,but my poem also not much bad :P (hehe). Seriously, this was my first debut winning inception in my life. Thanx Allah for Your Bestowed.

Another inception when you first touch on campus life, you will get some thorny journey. Yes I do. I tell you something normally,but you couldn't see or terlepas pandang lah kan, kita lihat pada rakan-rakan kita saja. Ada yang kaya,miskin,pandai,berbakat dan berjiwa besar dan sebagainya. Kadang-kadang dalam kehidupan, banyak positif dan negatifnya. I meant that positive energy and negative energy. In positive energy, the input and output must be in good conditions to pursue their target. In negative energy, input and output contain a lot of virus which makes somebody to do anything improperly.

Friends, we know that our body consist only one qalb or hati, which meant that when the most important element that can make up positive or negative energy. Sincerely, when you use it to do a good deeds (as input), surely you will get the good result (output). Otherwise, it become irreversibility.

And then your mind. Please free your mind from negative source and energy. Your mind need a good input especially for your soul. Your soul and mind cant be separated, which they need among each other.

Praise as your back up inception. Hehehe. I mean that praise is for encouragement to your friends. Maybe you have a friend, who need some 'praise' and encouragement as a catalyst to do their work. Stress can be throw away from your body by relaxing also. Don't push your work too hard, but simply make some planner for your easier.

Okay friends, I don't want to talk too much about yours and mine inception. I just want to share what the first and later inception when you are blurred to do something. Hopefully you all get the better performance after this. Just beware your beloved time, it will kill you when you are indifferent. So, beware!

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