Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution 2011?

So long time not update this beloved blog. Too much 'busy' with many kinds of 'waste work' what I've done before made me lazy and lazy and lazy fullstop.

Now I'm realized that, I have to have become more straight and serious in my studies. Seriously, now I am 21 and have 3 more semester to finish up. 2 years is not a small digit, because you are not capable to make something brilliant in your life especially in campus life.

There a such thing word says: 'If you cannot measure it, it doesn't happen'.

Oh yeah!

Measure what? There must be some plan in your mind that generate your metabolism of life. (Metabolism I meant the obstacles that you will face either in difficulty or easily ways). That's very important and interesting right?

Actually I want to make some resolution for semester 4 now. As I'm planned before, this will be my first inception to be a realistic not dramatic way.

As a result, these will be my 'resolution':

1) Friday and Saturday are my 'enjoying' day. Free and absolutely relax. No more study at this time.

2) Say no to facebook until I'm finished my assignments or reports. Now my level addicted towards Facebook is less,very good. Aha.

3) Understand and absorb the information immediately after lecture. This is important thing I must do for my future mid-exam which include 30% from 100%.

4) Less talking such pretty damn and sh*t idea. Sincerely, I am used to follow the environment. When I'm joining the 'mengumpat' team, I will add some pretty cool ideas to make our 'conversation' more interestingly. Ahh that's terrible!

5) Be more serious. Serious and serious. Studying can be enjoyable but sometimes need serious. Okay, I'm serious now. No more tricks or psychic for ESP as before.

Possibility? Depends on my ability. Okay that's enough. Pray for me and I pray for you too.for ours best. Ameen :)

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