Friday, February 4, 2011

The Boy

Almost 21 years, the boy who came from ordinary family, passionate, complicated in every simplification, who needed every counts of love, especially from Allah's Blessing and love from his family. Every obstacles he faced until now, all in the same way but after he further his studies far away from his hometown, there are something get different and unpredictable test.

He always think out that, are still the people accept him anymore? He suppose to answer himself, but he couldn't. After the tragedy in 2009, nobody cared for him anymore. Only two person, who both of them are his lecturer, giving a motivation talk after all. Thanks to Allah for His Love, he can still breathe long like today. Alhamdulillah.

He loves his family virtually. Everyone doesn't know at all about this. Although he looks like nothing, but he loves all, all the people who loves him very much.

Love is one word that can be positive and negative manner. If he loves Allah, Allah's will love him back. He knows that loving is looks like when he shoot the ball towards a wall, then the ball will turn back to him back. That's the real true meaning of love. He asks to the visitors who read this blog, if you love Allah and your family, what would you suppose to do?

The answers: .......(Because you knew already,he stressed)

(to be continued,sorry not to update this blog because the 'chaos' in my life)

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