Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fuhh Examm...

Fuhh Exam! Exam oh exam. Everytime I heard about this word, I've nothing to say and no idea at all. Study? Oh sometimes great but sometimes sounds so not great.

I'm always telling myself that exam is just a fake subject. In negative manner, exam disorder sometimes make me feel so mess. Everytime I study, stress will coming. Yelah, studying at last minute. Verily 30 % are absorbed, the rest will emit clearly from our serotonin neurons. But don't ever to do this unplanned job. You will desire the worst credit that what you have to get. I'm also sometimes do and sometimes don't.

Last month, my friend from medical field said to me that, after you study, don't forget to sleep. I said, 'Why so?'. He said, ' Sometimes our mind can fill with long-term memories, a memory that can be remember as long as you can recall what have you learn. So do sleep makes you feel better after reading or exercising.' Oh great. Maybe his words is true are maybe not.

For me, I have read an article that contribute to the great making minds which we can solve many problem after sleep. The method just simple:

You think or try to remember hardly, as long as you are near to give up what have you read or think until no problem solve burst, and then you sleep first, later when you wake up, try to think and remember again. You will find a way easily how can you solve the problem and remember what have you read. Oh great! That's what I'm looking for. Remember and forget are normal things that always happen to us. Only Allah's remote us by forget or remember, and importantly, try the best perhaps your study quality can beat your study disorder.

Note: This stuff just simply stands for a myth, or maybe true, just up to you to judge or to reject as long you can understand, why sleeps come first. :)

Simply do this formula : Effort (Mind Force and Exercise) + Do'a (Pray to Allah) + Tawakkal

Insha-Allah all the best for exams! Amin.

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