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The Boy's Sanah Helwah

When he's 6 years old, from background of a tadika located in front of home in Rapat Setia.

It was early maghrib prayer at Malacca Hospital, Malacca as his mother was sturdy to see her baby face for the first time in 5th May 1990. She noticed that the baby coming will outstare her feeling instead she saw her husband readily to ‘azan’ and ‘iqmah’ after the baby was borned. Then, immediately after the azan maghrib pronounced, the cute baby was borned. The boy baby’s parent were so happy and all their sighs and anxiety were vanished already. In 5th May 1990, a boy was named Muhammad Nu’aim Bin Md Isa. Second’s child, after his brother took over for the first three years early for the first born baby, and also the second’s boy baby born.

The boy was very naughty when he was in 2 years old, yes, once at a glance, he tried to drink a cup of water. Then what the mysterious that happened during at that time, the cup was broken due to his teeth bite recklessly that contribute to the broken of the cup. Pity for him, but fortunately, his teeth probability at no dangerous situation. His mother always tried to avoid him from drink by using a cup, especially made from clay. She also always noticed to take care her two babies from eating disorder. She always deterred what he and his brother tried to looking for something’s new, especially the things that very dangerous to baby.

In early 1992-1993, he and his parent moved to United Kingdom, one place that very popular at that time. This journey due to his father continued to further his study in Nottingham University. Yet a baby again was born, his brother, in 1993 at Nottingham’s Hospital. Beautifully he and his brother loved to chill out with his parents when the weekend’s coming. The countries such as Scotlands, Paris and approximately the place located near United Kingdom that gave a freshie memoriable nostalgia that he can’t to forget. Sometimes cold climate made him looking such a fat person, yes, or in malay terms as ‘tembam’. He and his two brothers were individually such tembam boy. Although the climate was too cold, he perpetually loved to go out and most important, he liked to shopping. Shopping complex in Nottingham’s Forest was different from shopping complex in Malaysia at that time. Many toys, especially car remote’s control he loved to play. Everytime he saw these kind s of stuff, he will force his mother or his father to buy, otherwise he will pout.

In 1995, this family moved to stay in Malacca, in Bukit Beruang after his father’s grad. His parents tandem worked as a teacher at that time. He was cared by a baby sitter in Bukit Beruang. Now, almost 4 years he can’t come to ‘ziarah’ his ‘keluarga angkat’ when Eidul Fitri celebration because due to the time’s swiftly ticking.

In 1996, this family transferred again and lived in Silibin, Ipoh, Perak. In this moment, his father tried to be a lecturer in Politeknik Ungku Omar, located in Jalan Diary, Ipoh. His father deliberately intrigued to teach, so that he liked to become one of the well-known lecturer in Politeknik. In 1997, again they moved to the better place, where the most best nostalgia and experienced that gathered from him. A place well-known in Ipoh, Rapat Setia. Located near SMK Gunung Rapat (cluster school), was a very pretty cool memoriable that he had. Playing football until his feet injured, disturbing the bee’s web but no dangerous sting bulged him, always go to perform his solat especially when Friday’s night coming (hari malam Jumaat), which after the Yassin recites, he the first one who will take the food and drinks stealthly. The frugality of this family really made him to be survive more deliberately, in which incarnate very lovely and full of happiness during the time.

The last moved in 1998 due to the upgrading of a beautiful place, besides from the last home, located in Taman Ipoh Jaya Timur 1 until now. There is no plushness in this family life again. And then the story start to began.

In primary school, SK Seri Ampang (cluster school) from 1997-2002 (Standard 1 to 6), always he remember that everyday, his mother will go with him daily due his mother also a teacher in the same school. In each every probe for the pupils came late to school will fine such as a rotan or a slap by a ferocious discipline teacher. But he never got the punishment, because his mother will take him to the teacher’s parking spot, in which he passed the probe. He never to be a serious boy, when he always like to play everything, in a class or in free time. No playing, no naughty no boy. The best part in this primary schools was, he well-known as a great striker in handball tournament. Previously, he can play handball and football, with both of them really wanted to represent as a school’s player. But he never realised that during the selection time, he loathed because he did not have a shoes to wear. He loathed to request his parents a pair of shoes to buy, because he knew his parents were more likely him to be more independent boy. Yes, everytime in recess time, he will eat a little bit in order to save moneys to buy shoes. But his wishes never fulfilled. In Standard Six, UPSR examination really made him to be more prepare and serious in study. He never give up although his English was not properly as good as now. He realised in every tuition he attended, he will get a low mark due to the dislike of this language. But unless he tried to do be more better than that.

After UPSR results came out in early September/October 2002, he tried to transfer to the religious boarding schools. Madrasah Idrisiah in Kuala Kangsar and SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah in Bota was his target schools. But Allah’s know very well, both of the schools that he targeted was null. Actually he loved to learn Arabic language in Idrisiah, but Allah’s planned go first. Maybe there was a hikmah instead of the null situation he had to be. Lastly, he took his prow by selected SMK Seri Ampang as his secondary schools but in KAA (Kelas Aliran Agama) whereby there was to learn arabic language and tarannum with qiraat. Alhamdulillah, everything was okay. Learning becoming so good and better and better, he easily understood what he tried to understand. Individually, he was one of the ‘expert’ arabic language because he admired it very much. Learning arabic is not difficult as people say, but at least the people must admire it although people admire it as a big of atoms.

After the PMR results, he made a decision to transfer to the boarding schools. Whenever he got the results, immediately he went to the MAIP to take a form to transfer to Idrisiah. Alhamdulillah, he was accepted by interviewing with a felo. Yes, his targetted had been achieved. Although he wanted also to go to Izzuddin Shah Schools, but rather he went Idrisiah so that he had been to that place so long time. He learned the most when he completely studied Thanawi Part 1 (Thanawi: based knowledge such as fiqh, mustalahah hadith, sirah nabawiyyah, tafsir, mantiq, balaghah and nahu wa sorof in arabic language). This was the first time he took the subjects instead science stream subject as his domain subjects. Rather than he didn’t want to study. And later, the results for Thanawi was Maqbul (Pass). Alhamdulillah. But the main target after SPM was, he planned to further his study in Denstist in Al-Azhar Egypt. That’s why he took thanawi Part 1 as his catalyst to show that he really loved to study with arabic environment. He always reminded himself, that everytime he studied Thanawi, he always thought that he was studying at Al-Azhar University. He imagined he was studying there, as vigor of the subjects made him really to study very hard to achieve his target. But Only Allah’s planned was the only the Best Planner in the Universe. Allahuakbar!

Room 28 in Idrisiah, always be the winner for the clean and clear room.

After SPM examination. Pix in front of the Iskandariah Palace.

The most valuable products of Idrisiah~Form 5 2007~


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