Monday, July 2, 2012

Department of...

Assalaamu'alaikum wbt.

Lama sendi tangan ini tidak bergerak lantaran dek kesibukan samada secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Akibatnya langsung hampir 2 tahun blog ini tidak berfungsi.

Jadi dengan ini, I want to declare that this blog will be available next week (Insha^Allah), but this topic will be more towards the history of Europe (if my Department of Monitoring send me updating data) and less politics. Why less in poltitics? Hurmm ermm errrr...ade la, later you'll know something that you well known.

I have hired some 'spy' under my department to give more and more data so that I'll give you more information, results from the interpretation and discussion. Perhaps.

The departments are:

Department of Geology or Academic (All geological background + applied more to huminity, for Allah' sake)

Department of Monitoring (All data from Europe and American activitist, BRIC and so on etc)

Department of Politics (Oh, this part is more covert actually, but perhaps, no attacking and defending overt phsychology)

Department of Futsal (Well you know me, are you happy if you win the championship? So just shut up and no update info will be given.

Department of Health (A little bit of medical rumours that can be used daily, but no need in explaination)

I may hire 1 or 2 more department to complete the possession. Remember the last time I imagine, slow and steady wins the race better than the fast and obsecure are the looser one.

Wallahu'alam. Salaamun'ala manit taba'il huda.

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