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Europe. Roman's Group

The Romans Group (Europe)
Keep calling ya muslimuwn! Keep calling ya mu^minuwn! As I mentioned before, the khiylafa(t) system will come. But in the end of the Khiylafa(t) process, would have to invade Europe. E.U.R.O.P.E. Why?

This is because Europe will never allow Islaamic state to exist within the Europe. Not without a bloody fight at least.
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*Along this decade, we have informed that many sabotage direction from the nations, such as the muslimaat cant wear hijaab, the muslim are called terrorist by the west nation and so on*
~Then, muslimuwn in Europe must be better be ready for a purge. Sooner or later the European are going to kick them out, as an excuse to invade ‘Arabia~

Firstly, the Europe made up from many big veto powers, such as Russia (Siberia only),Britain-UK, France, Rome, Italy, and Germany.

Russia : The Spear of Europe (or is it a mace?)
The main problem that actually Europe has with Russia is Siberia, the land that located in the intrusion of the Ural Mountain and the Crimea of the Tartars. When all the Europe  (or the anti-Russia but still an European) to accept all these Turks into part of Europe. Simply speaking that if the Russ discard Siberia and Crimea of the Turks (which Russia will never do due to the rich minerals resources located in these region), you will see Europe accepting Russia in no time. This rejection of Russ, a white Germanic and European race, clearly shows Europe (white men’s) racism has not gone anywhere, just hidden.
p/s – it won’t take much to reawaken what is already there

Britain-UK : The Sword of Europe
Not much needed to be said about the master of brain in ‘tawaagiyt. Truly speaking I don’t think there will be a Britain as a state or landmass at the end times clash. This Britain will be wash away from the Europe but the Brittanic tribes could still exist within Europe though.
But today and verily historically you will find Britain at the fore-front, participating in every attack against Al-Islaam or any other races by Europe. They considered it their sacred duty.
That’s why who always do the responsibility by ‘fieldwork’ are more gain to be called- The Sword of Europe
Note : Olympic activity? Not interested, fully with illuminaty propaganda sorry.

France : The Shield of Europe
In map, France straddles the centre of europe from north to south. If the khiylafa(t) can’t break France, then we can’t control of europe. Thus it is very shield of Europe.

Rome : The Crown of europe
This is where the accursed shirk-kufr pagan Capitalone Citadel of Ruwm is located!
By history : the city of Rome was originally known as the Saturnia or City of Saturn.
Streactly speaking, this shirk temple has to go! Cleanse from the surface/subsurface,crust,mantle and so on from the Earth. Wallaahi.
So next method : the attack cannot come from muslimuwn from Europe because of Covenant of Security. So it’s up to the muslimuwn in ‘Arabia, Africa and Asia to do what is necessary.
We stay in our region. Don’t worry.
Italy : The Helm of Europe
Italy is Rome’s ‘praetorian guards’. So you can’t get to Rome unless you smash through Italy (hurm, looks like a little bit of football tiki taka analysis). The ‘Ummaya(t) had attempted a direct assault campaign resullted in the creation of the Emirate of SICILY. Yeap. We have not only have lost Al-Andalus, but Sicily as well.

Germany : The Armour of Europe
Let me put it in a nutshell. The moment anybody set up an Islaamic state within Europe, you will get Furor Teutonicus (Teutonic Fury) which barreling down your face in no time. Al-Islaam will never establish itself in Europe as long as you can’t break Germany. Why?
Linguistically speaking...

:: The question = Why are the Germany is the Armour of the Europe?

Point 1 : England = Engels/Angles = Germanic
              Sussex/Wessex/Essex/ Saxons = Germanic

Point 2 : The Royal Family of England, namely the House of Windsor, who are the descendants of  the
              German arm of the European royalty - the saxe coburg gotha family who changed their name to
              Windsor in 1914.

Point 3 : France ; Franks = Germanic

             Burgundy (Burgundians) = Germanic

             Normandy (Normans) = Germanic

             Italy (Lombards/Langobards/Ostrogoths) = Germanic

             Venice (Varingians) = Germanic

             Belgium (Belgae) = Germanic

             Holland (Friisi) = Germanic

             Denmark (Danes) = Germanic

             Russia (Russ/Varingians) = Germanic

             Sweden (Swedes) = Germanic

            Germany (Alamanni) = Germanic

            Austria (Prus/Ostro-Goths) = Germanic

            Spain (Vandals/Visigoths) = Germanic

            Portugal (Suevi) = Germanic


Do you get the picture? The whole European is Germanic! European culture is Germanic! That's why Geramny is the Armour of the Europe! If you can't puncture Germany, so you will not get Europe.

The thing about Germanic tribe  was that they are once barbarians like the Turks. The barbarians have this odd culture of a adopting culture of the civilization they conquered whom they considered more sophisticated. Then as the new ruling class and elite, assimilate and intertwinning their own culture and believe into the conquered civilization culture. As the Turkic Tartar attempted with Al-Islaam with the Yaasiq . Alhamduwlillah Sheiykh Ibn Taymiyya and his students blocked them.

 Note : Rohingya ethnic in danger. Ya Allah, please save them from the zaalimuwn and kaafiruwn! Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamiiyn.
by : Department of Monitoring

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